A Useful Guide to Plan a 1000 Calorie Diet Menu

Weight reduction is generally equated to calorie intake limitation. People who are in search for a quick weight loss regimen look into the efficacy of the 1000 calorie diet menu. This is a plan where you have to intake very few calories to provide the energy needed by your body. Thus, this is considered a drastic approach to weight loss.
Because the 1000 calorie diet plan poses risk to your health, it is recommended that you use it for only a short time – a week. However, when you stop it, you are bound to regain your lost weight. In the final analysis, your reduced weight will only last for a short time. Weight watchers should only make use of the 1000 calorie diet to jumpstart their weight loss program – not to use it for as long as they want to trim down their physique. And before this is tried, you have to consult your doctor in order to safeguard your healthy well-being.

Summing the calories of the 1000 calorie diet menu

Ok, the 1000 calorie diet menu is called as such simply because the meal plan consists of foods whose total calories when summed is equal to 1000. Actually, with this diet, you can go to as much as 1100 calories per day. It may be really difficult to stay in the 1000 calories because you do not eat the same food every day. In varying the kinds of foods in the diet, you may deviate a little from the prescribed amount.
With the 1000 calorie diet menu, you are to eat four small meals in a day with the 1000 to 1100 calories broken down as follows:
• Breakfast – 300 calories
• Lunch – 300 calories
• Mid-afternoon snacks = 200 calories
• Dinner – 200 to 300 calories

A menu for a 1000 calorie diet plan

1000 calorie diet menu
Let us now check how to meet these calorie intake requirements to stick to a 1000 calorie diet plan. Our eating habit lessons stipulate that we eat heavy breakfast. We have the saying – “Eat like a king for breakfast, eat like a prince for lunch and eat like a pauper at dinner”. With the schedule of the calories per meal in a day, we can somewhat say that we also follow this rule on eating habit.
Your 300 calorie breakfast can consist of a bowl of oatmeal with some fruit juice and a small serving of your fruit of choice. Oatmeal is very healthy as this gives you fiber for detoxification and is a good way to shed off pounds. Your body needs protein so for lunch, you can have 120 to 150 grams of fish, lean meat or chicken. Add some veggies such as beans and a slice of fruit. This should give you around 300 calories. For your mid-afternoon meal or pre-dinner snacks, you can have a sandwich. You should try having wheat bread which is healthier and more fibrous. Your body needs carbohydrates so this meal will provide this body necessity. Now comes dinner. You can also eat late but not later than 9 o’clock P.M. You are on a weight loss regime and your metabolism at this time will already begin to slow down. You should eat 200 calories, 300 at the most to complete your 1000 calorie diet menu. If you did not have bread for snacks, pasta can be a good dinner. But if you do, you can choose other foods from the food groups. The best will always be fruits and vegetables.

1000 calorie diet menu for women and men

Now that you have a guide, you are apt to measure your calorie intake. As body frames and activity level differ, it may be hard to conjure an absolute calorie guide. Health experts have provided a sort of baseline, something that may generally apply. The 1000 calorie diet menu for women is 1200 calories in a day. Since males are bigger and more active, they are given a higher baseline at 1800 calorie daily intake. Remember that if you live a sedentary life or when you have little mass for muscles, this baseline may not apply. But then, these figures of baseline calories are good enough to give you a starting point.
You are applying a 1000 calorie diet menu but perhaps, a better option to lose weight is to consider what your body specifically needs. Gauge your calorie intake in relation to your age, height, weight, and health condition. You should go on a weight loss program that is risk-free.